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Rene Piard

Owner, A La Carte Travel

"I can't say how much I'm happy and thankful for the service provided to my company to learn and start using the software. They have been extremely helpful and pleasant. Like I said there are no words big enough to express what I feel. Thank you so much.


They made this transaction very enjoyable and I am so exited to start working with the software.

I already know that it will bring my company to a new dimension"

Finally! A Lead Capturing Machine

Leads from Website

With Travel Agency CRM you get your enquiries via website or landing pages straight inside your CRM. You can even set rules for distribution of these leads amongst your team members.

Never Miss a Website Enquiry

With Zoho SalesIQ integrated with Travel Agency CRM you can track Website Visitors real-time, know which all pages they are Browsing, chat with them and convert them as Lead. 

Convert Visitors into Leads

Leads from Live Chat

Leads from Social Media

Turn Conversations into Leads

With Travel Agency CRM you can not only monitor and participate in social media activities from one place but create Lead (or contact) in just one click from Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

Leads via Contact Grabber

Convert Email Signature into Leads

With Travel Agency CRM you get "Contact Grabber", a Chrome Extension. Using Contact Grabber you can turn any email signature (or any contact from the Internet) into Lead or Contact in just one click. 

Leads from Spreadsheet

Import Leads in Seconds

With Travel Agency CRM you can now import all your leads via xls, xlsx, csv, or vcf format. So if you are still using spreadsheets to manage your leads: import them all in just a few clicks.

Nizamuddin Ismail

Managing Director,

"From the first day we spoke, I knew instinctively that your product and services were a perfect fit for my business needs.


Furthermore i have been pleasantly surprised by your courteous manners and professionalism coupled with your prompt attention to my countless requests, for which i am most grateful. You patiently 'listened' to all my questions and queries and have relentlessly in collaboration with your team found working practical solutions. I thank you for all your efforts and wish you every success with future business"

The Science of Lead Follow-up

The Science of Lead Follow-up

Automate Actions using Macros

One-Click Follow-up

With Travel Agency CRM you can send predefined Email Templates (Itinerary, Thank You Email, etc), create follow-up task and update field ("Lead Status" to be updated to "Contacted"): all in one-click.

Manage Your Tasks

Monitor Your To-Do List

Using Travel Agency CRM you can create tasks for yourself, allocate to team members and set reminders. The contextual view helps you prioritize tasks and be on top of your To-Do list.

Never Miss a Meeting

Manage Meetings in an Intuitive Calendar

With Travel Agency CRM you can create all your meetings, store them in an intuitive calendar, invite customers and internal team members to these meetings.

Log Your Calls

Record All Your Phone Calls

Using Travel Agency CRM you can schedule calls, record all your inbound and outbound call details and create follow-up tasks.

Organize Your Notes

Capture All Your Conversations in Notes

With Travel Agency CRM you can add notes against any record, upload attachments, sort notes and even mention any of your team members for their attention from within notes section.

"Within the first two communications with GoldenLion I knew this was 'the' company to work with.


Superb communication. They are, and continue to be, very professional. They have understood the specialty of our travel business, and delivered a fantastic product. 

Their knowledge, commitment and feedback is outstanding; and I really look forward to future projects"

Claire Vial

Director, African Safaris Ltd

No More Guesswork on Trip Profitability

Create Awesome Quote

Generate Quote in Seconds

You can create a variety of awesome Quote Templates using Travel Agency CRM. These quotes can then be instantly sent to your customers via email from within the CRM itself. 

Convert Quote to Invoice

Once the quote is approved by your customer, you can convert them into Invoice in just one click Using Travel Agency CRM. You can then start recording the payment made by your customer. 

All It Takes is One Click

Make Reservations

Create Vendor Reservations On the Fly

Using Travel Agency CRM you can manage all your vendors and their contacts, send reservation requests via Email, track them till they confirm and record all payments. 

Generate Vouchers

Send Voucher in One Click

Reservation Voucher can be created in a jiffy and sent to the customers in a single click using Travel Agency CRM. The issued vouchers can be used to avail the services from the vendors. 

Manage Products

All from One Place

Using Travel Agency CRM you can create all your products that you sell to your customers or buy from your vendors. These products are used in Quotes, Invoices and Vendor Reservations. 

"I have been working with GoldenLion Consulting to customize Zoho CRM for the past 2 months.

It has been absolute pleasure to work with Arnab and his team. The project was delivered on time and as per specifications. GoldenLion has exceeded my expectations in every way.

I will be working with them again in future also"

Praveen Syal

Managing Director, Indus Travels

Better Manage Your Contacts

Record Passengers

Track Passengers for a Trip

Using Travel Agency CRM you can record all the passengers travelling in a Trip and classify them as "Primary Contact", "Guest" or "Primary Contact and Guest". 

Using Travel Agency CRM you can send your contacts the option to update their details (Passport Details, Date of Birth, etc.) instead of you doing it. This improves the accuracy of data. 

Update Contact Details

It's Never Been So Easy

"The team at GoldenLion have been very good to work with. They have been very attentive to my needs and been available at pretty much anytime to assist me"


I am really not sure when they sleep!"

Jason Webb

Managing Director, Downunder Travel Ltd

Help More Customers Buy More (and More Often)

Awesome Campaigns

Market Popular Destinations

With Zoho Campaigns integrated with Travel Agency CRM you can create awesome email and social media campaigns to market your popular destinations, monitor results and take actions.

Earn Testimonials

Testimonials are Gold

With Travel Agency CRM you can send Testimonial requests to your customers in one click. Once submitted by the customer, the details get stored instantly inside CRM.

"Honest consulting is an oxymoron today. But, wait until you meet the Zoho experts at GoldenLion!


We recently engaged GoldenLion consulting for implementing a CRM solution. GoldenLion consultants are professional, truthful and deliver what they promise. They implemented a customized CRM solution not only within the promised time-frame, but also went the extra mile to provide additional demo sessions to help users on-board. In addition, provided users with Best Practices guides and educated them on the do's and don'ts of the system.


Working with GoldenLion was a refreshing experience! Highly recommended"

Harsha N Hegde

Consultant, Skyway International Travels

Manage Fixed Departure Like Never Before

Fixed Departure

Organize Fixed Departure Like Never Before

Besides Custom Tour (FIT) you can also handle Fixed Departure using Travel Agency CRM that includes creation of a Fixed Departure, capturing of leads, trips, passengers, invoices and vendor reservations.

Automate Booking Form 

Remove All Your Manual Work

With Travel Agency CRM you can embed booking form for your Fixed Departure in the website. Once the booking form is submitted: it instantly creates Contact, Trip and Passengers. 

"It has been a true pleasure working with the team at GoldenLion

Not only for the professionalism but even more so for their caring and openness to new ideas. They feel like part of our team - which makes them a special partner!"

Terry Suero

Director of Development, Toca Travel

Built For Every Size Small to Large Agencies

Meaningful Dashboards

40+ Reports. 30+ Dashboards

Travel Agency CRM comes with 40+ standard reports and 30+ standard dashboards which are distributed across different modules like leads, trips, quotes, invoices, vendors, products, activities etc. 

Emails Inside CRM

Reduce Email Clutter

With Travel Agency CRM you can send and receive all your emails without leaving CRM , share customer emails with colleagues and get quick email notifications of the emails from prospects and customers.

Awesome Workflows

25+ Standard Workflow Rules

Travel Agency CRM comes with 25+ standard workflow rules across fixed departures, leads, contacts, trips, quotes, invoices and vendor reservations. You can of course create your own rules.

User Access Rights

Right Permissions to Right Users

Travel Agency CRM provides you with a wide variety of options for user rights and data sharing via users, roles, profiles, groups, data sharing rules, fields and links permissions.


Customize the Way You Want

You get all customization options in Travel Agency CRM. You can create/hide modules, create/remove fields, modify field values, create/modify views, related list, create new workflows, reports and dashboards.

Integration Framework

Extend the Capability using API

Travel Agency CRM integrates with Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Creator, Zoho Reports, MS Office, Google Apps, MailChimp, PandaDoc, Twilio, RingCentral, Ringio and a lot more.

Chaya S.


"Your service has been great so far! Our company had some complicated requests and you have done your best to tweak the program according to our needs.


Keep up your great work!​"

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Free Test Drive

Free Test Drive 

"I am pleased with how the engagement has gone so far. With minimal intervention from my side you guys have been able to roll out with the features that was required by us. And that was key for me.


Going ahead we will discuss more value add in our processes enabling your team to play a bigger role​"

Sunil Paulose

CEO, BVC Tourism

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