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Created specifically for the needs of travel agencies on award-winning Zoho CRM, Travel Agency CRM delivers outstanding value with an astounding array of features for a fraction of the cost of any comparable industry system.

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One Time Implementation Fee: INR 1,20,000 + Tax USD 1997
  • Travel Agency CRM
  • Up to 15 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ INR 1920/hour
  • Up to 15 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ USD 32/hour
Zoho Subscription Fee
  • Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition:
    INR 2400/User/Month USD 40/User/Month
    INR 3000/User/Month USD 50/User/Month
  • OR
  • Zoho One:
    INR 3500/User/Month USD 90/User/Month
    INR 4000/User/Month USD 105/User/Month

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Within the first two communications with GoldenLion I knew this was ‘the’ company to work with. They have understood the specialty of our travel business, and delivered a fantastic product. Their knowledge, commitment and feedback is outstanding; and I really look forward to future projects.


Claire Vial

Director, African Safaris Ltd.

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    These case studies document the entire process of how we identified and addressed the pain points and offered effective solutions to help businesses grow.

    Travel Agency

    GoldenLion implements Zoho One for HI Tours replacing


    Travel Agency

    GoldenLion implements Travel Agency CRM for Giltedge Africa


    Travel Agency

    GoldenLion implements Zoho One for Indus Travels


    Travel Agency

    GoldenLion implements Travel Agency CRM for Go Team Travel


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to the most common questions on Travel Agency CRM

    Why your travel agency needs a CRM?

    A CRM is a crucial tool for streamlining your lead capturing, lead nurturing, trip management, and vendor management. The travel CRM lets you centralize your data and run your business from one place. The great thing is, that you can use the Travel Agency CRM on your desktop or mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. So, if you are looking at better managing your processes and scaling your travel business, you need the best travel CRM as your primary tool!

    How to choose the Best Travel CRM?

    While choosing the right Travel CRM Software, you need to first and foremost see whether the system works for your business process. No matter how feature-rich a solution is, it’ll fail if it does not follow the process and the nomenclature of your business. The Travel Agency CRM is built on top of Zoho CRM. This ensures that the solution mimics the standard business process of a travel agency as well as comes with all the flexibility of customizing it further for unique business needs.

    What set our Travel CRM System apart?

    The Travel Agency CRM comes with industry-standard workflows and automation for you. What’s more, you can easily customize the system further to meet any unique need that you might have. And the best thing is, we can transfer this solution to your Zoho CRM Account within 5-7 business days. So, you can go live as soon as possible and start leveraging it for your business.

    How to use your Travel CRM Software?

    Using Travel Agency CRM is super easy. Moreover, once we’ve set up the solution for you, we offer complete user training of the solution that includes process training, training on building reports, templates, adding fields, etc. We also share tutorial videos for your reference.

    What are the benefits of a Travel CRM?

    Here are the primary benefits you can derive from the Travel CRM:

    • Centralized data management
    • Effective lead management
    • Streamlined trip management
    • Efficient vendor management
    • Comprehensive reports and dashboards
    • Timesaving automation

    Here are the primary benefits you can derive from the Travel CRM:

    Which edition of Zoho CRM is required for the Travel Agency CRM?

    The Travel Agency CRM works on Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition. You may purchase the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition or Zoho One Suite of Applications (of which Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition is a part).

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